“The difference between a flower and a weed is a matter of opinion.”

Maximise the power of your team (with Birkman)

Do you care for a day off with your team? A day filled with serious content and fun? A day that will give you something you’ll talk about for years to come?


This team day provides your employees with increased self-understanding, and also provides a deep insight into the functioning of your team. Through the use of the Birkman instrument, you and your employees will receive concrete, objective information as well as a common language that allows for faster and more effective interpersonal communication. This information provides an accurate insight into the strengths and weaknesses of team or individual, and is extremely useful in the development of the tools required to get the most out of your employees.

More information about the Birkman Instrument can be found here.



• How does the Birkman method work?

• What is the origin of my behaviour?

• What do I need in my (work) environment to be effective?

• Where do I get energy from?

• What can I do to reduce (or prevent) ineffective behaviour?

• What are the strengths and pitfalls within our team?

• What does this information mean for our cooperation?

• What are we going to agree to do?


Duration: 1 day (split into morning, afternoon, and possibly evening sessions)