“The wound you cannot feel, you cannot heal.”

Learn to listen to your heart

Do you sometimes feel unhappy and unfulfilled without actually knowing why? Was getting in touch with your feelings an afterthought in your education and training curricula? Or do you receive feedback from people saying you should be more in touch with your emotions (and those of others)? And have no clue as to how you can achieve this?

The most important prerequisite to listening to your heart is, of course, the ability to ‘hear’ it. This skill is just one aspect of emotional intelligence. Can you feel yourself ‘feel’? Can you recognise ‘what’ you are feeling, and can you express those feelings in words, influence or in conscious action?

The good news is that we’re able to develop these qualities within ourselves. I do this through the application of practical tools or by searching, together, through the deeper layers of your consciousness. It will be a joy to experience how these new insights will enrich you and inspire your confidence.



• recognising your emotions

• putting your feelings into words

• building your own emo-vocabulary

• mastering your emotions

• using your feelings to get what you want

• developing your empathic skills

• experiencing the power of ‘non-violent communication’


Duration: 3 to 4 sessions of 3 hours