“It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.” — Byron Katie

voice dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a method I often use in my work as it provides an excellent insight into your inner force. This method is based on a theory developed by the Californian psychologist couple, Hal and Sidra Stone. 

The Voice Dialogue theory is literally a dialogue of voices. The assumption is that a person is not a single entity, but actually consists of numerous egos, also called sub-personalities, who each view the world from a different perspective. They have different habits, feelings, thoughts, needs and memories and there are many advantages to observing yourself in this way. 

Voice Dialogue provides insight into your own behaviour, why it’s sometimes rather ineffective and it teaches you to adjust your behaviour. It helps explain why you are immediately attracted to some people and not to others. When you cannot function effectively in your personal or professional life, it is often because of disharmony between the different voices.


Through the Voice Dialogue method, it’s possible to give the different selves a 'voice' give and invite each of them to have their say. You gain insight into which sub-personality (or sub-personalities) is talking to you and whether your decisions are truly free choices. It can often help to discover another internal ‘point of view'

When conversing with a sub-personality, it may seem like talking to an actual person, of flesh and blood. Someone with their own history and individual motives for wishing to achieve what he or she wants. A sub-personality usually has good intentions; they wish to protect you against perceived external hurt.

Often you are not aware how particular voices call most of the shots and you believe, to some extent, you are that voice. You say for example: “I 'm a perfectionist," rather than: “I have a perfectionist side.” You are, as it were 'taken over' by this voice. It helps to listen to this voice, hear what it has to say and discover what function this voice in your life. You discover the other voices, their points of view and with information you learn to make better life and work decisions.


You can visit Voice Dialogue World to learn more about Voice Dialogue.