“Freedom from the desire for an answer, is essential to the understanding of a problem.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti”


The ideas of Marcus Buckingham (Strength Revolution), Marshall B. Rosenberg (Non Violent Communication) and Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) have had a guiding influence on my work and in my life. Take a look into my digital bookshelf and see what other authors have inspired, shaped and nurtured me.


The Birkman Instrument and Voice Dialogue are two methods I often employ during training and coaching. I also have a large backpack filled with techniques, theories, exercises, models and assignments which can be used (or customised) for your needs. In fact, you could say that over the years I have become a synthesis of these tools. This gives me the freedom to work with you in-the-moment. This process often leads to an in-depth learning experience.



Sometimes a situation occurs in which my expertise alone is not enough to help you attain your goal(s) and it may help to call in a second expert. In such cases I work with:


  • training actors with whom you can try out new behaviours and practice in real life situations in a safe environment
  • drama and voice experts who teach how to use your body and emotions to maximise the impact of personal strength and thus influence your environment (more) effectively
  • physical therapists who specialise in yoga, mindfulness, haptonomy, shiatsu, aikido or tai chi.

These experts will only be invited to join the process with your permission.