“Dreams are like stars… You may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny.”

code of conduct

  • I work exclusively on the basis of norms and values I believe in and am willing to support.

  • Service to my clients is central in all transactions.

  • I offer the highest possible level of confidentiality. The ability to building up the trust needed to do my job well depends on absolute respect for my clients’ privacy.

  • I guarantee confidential information will not leak or be disseminated through overlapping relational networks.

  • I always protect the identity of my clients; be it in conversations with colleagues or during supervision and peer reviews.

  • I have a professional obligation to always apply the right skills and techniques necessary to achieve our agreed upon results.

  • I invest a significant portion of my time in study and continued professional development.

  • I keep up with the latest developments in my field.

  • When asked, I give an honest and complete clarification of my qualifications and limitations.

  • I will never abuse my position as a professional, nor will I do so with the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

  • I give non-binding recommendations. The customer always has the freedom to choose whether or not to follow them.

  • I do not accept a commission for referrals.

  • My behaviour will never undermine the integrity of my work or that of my colleagues.

  • I respect the knowledge and expertise of my colleagues.

  • I respect my clients’ cultural background and world view.

  • I have the responsibility to respectfully encourage my clients to make independent decisions within their own beliefs, norms and values.

  • I am responsible for entering into performance-related agreements with my clients.

    I am responsible for the setting and monitoring of boundaries between myself and my clients. My training and coaching is a formal, contractual relationship and nothing more.