“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.”

what is the Birkman method?

The Birkman Method is a self-assessment tool developed by Dr. Roger Birkman of Birkman International in Houston. Before we start the coaching or training process, you fill out a detailed digital questionnaire. Birkman International uses your input to make a personal report which focuses on:

  • your professional interests 

  • your style of working: your strengths and weaknesses 

  • your needs within your environment 

  • your stress behaviour.

The complete report (available in 20 languages) is about 75 pages long and gives an enormous boost to your self-awareness. An example of the report can be downloaded here.

There is extensive data on the statistical basis of the Birkman method and it certainly meets the requirements of a professional psychological behaviour assessment instrument: standardised, objective, reliable and valid. Further information is available on request.

how does the Birkman method work?

At the start of a coaching or training programme you receive a Birkman password by email. This password gives you access to the online questionnaire. Dreams in Business receives the results in the form of a comprehensive report, and once I have personally explained the report to you it becomes your property.